MMM-10: Organ Love & The Burial

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monday morning malarkey for you and your organ


The Organ Mountains cast a shadow on the entire Las Cruces valley in the early hours of each day. The shadow slowly rolls over everything and everyone on the way to meet its master for lunch. Then it's off to the deserts in the east for an evening hike. The word Organ is everywhere in town. Booker T & the M.G.'s play in the distance. It feels as if the volume constantly rises but never gets too loud. I'm enveloped. I'm going to buy an Organ. 


What we're "reading"

Tools of Titans

Just beginning this one. Big fan of Ferris' and have high expectations. Always enjoy everything he puts out and how much time he puts in to his work.

The Creative Act - A Way of Being

Rick Rubin hits it out of the park with this one. Absolutely beautifully done and narrated by himself. His voice is perfect and his method of delivery kept me wanting more. I've listened 3 times and will be back for more.


What we're watching

The Burial

A true story portrayed in a really fun way by Tommy Lee Jones, Jamie Foxx and a bunch more awesome folks.


What we're hearing

Stone Cash Players

Been really loving the organ lately and came across this musical project while listening to Mitchum Yacoub radio on spotify. SCP has a real chill cruisin' pace and reminds me of Booker T. & the M.G.s. 

Organ Freeman

Wasn't kidding about the Organ love. If you were digging Stone Cash Players but want to pick up the pace, give Organ Freeman a listen. These guys woke me up from a mid-day nap on the floor of the music bowl at Joshua Tree music Festival years ago. I'll never forget them and how fast they brought me up from full horizontal. 


What the bots made

Organs love organ lovers.


Cheers, baby.

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