MMM-11: Start with Why and Mushroom Hubercloud

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monday morning malarkey for you and your organ


We saw Unknown Mortal Orchestra live and it was great! They can fuckin' jam and got real weird with it sometimes. They broke up songs into pieces and played some songs within others. Perfect execution every time. It was like a big ole mashup of their work. When they came out for an encore, they played for another 30min! The whole band but the key-man left the stage at one point and he shook us down for all our brain matter. Highly recommend seeing them.

What we're "reading"

Start with Why

This one got me rethinking some things and confirmed some others. 


Our body is a trip and it's nice to listen to books like this to better understand it. Some parts were a lot to take in but its all very interesting. 


What we're watching

Blender Donut Tutorial

I really need to finish this tutorial. Its a long one but certainly valuable. 


What we're hearing 

Fungi Purfecti

If you are unfamiliar with Paul Stamets, check out Fungi Perfecti! Mind blowing work and products for a great life.

Andrew Huberman

This man has been my guiding light for some time now and I cannot stress enough how useful his podcast is. He is so genuine and kind in his delivery of information. He covers a great range of topics focused around improving ones self. 

Organ Freeman

Wasn't kidding about the Organ love. If you were digging Stone Cash Players but want to pick up the pace, give Organ Freeman a listen. These guys woke me up from a mid-day nap on the floor of the music bowl at Joshua Tree music Festival years ago. I'll never forget them and how fast they brought me up from full horizontal. 


What the bots made

Don't overthink it. It's been over thought. 


Why don't you want to dance?

Season 6 Mask GIF by The Masked Singer

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