MMM-7: Ancient Sunken Ruins in Cuba, Gradients, Jaguar Sound

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Esoteric depths,
Wisdom veiled in mystic haze,
Seek truth's hidden grace.


- Jon Bot

What we're reading

What Happened to the Sunken City of Cuba?


For obvious reasons, I am fascinated with stories like this. I believe, as more suspicious sites are uncovered, we must study them thoroughly. We cannot assume our current understanding of human history is correct. Especially since the discovery of Göbeklitepe. There is more than meets the eye. 


What we're watching

Gradients in Photoshop - Leo Rivero
Chrome / Gradients in Photoshop - Design Syndrome


These guys share a lot of great insight and techniques! Design Syndrome in particular is a killer inspo and makes legit assets for designers.


What we're hearing

Spotify: 'Jaguar Sound' by Adrian Quesada


Here we listen in on the exotic sounds of Adrian that transport us to a jungle scene. We melt into the trees as the jaguar, with the watery glockenspiel reverberating through the bushes and rivers in the distance. 


What the bots made

Moai sinking

I had dream that the Moai were sinking. 

Moai are severely slept on. I think they speak more than we can hear.  


Learn to swim.

Swimmer GIFs | Tenor

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