MMM-1: Habits, Spiritual Egypt, Jungle

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monday morning malarkey


On Monday morn, when the sun did rise, I ventured out with sleep in my eyes. Through the garden, I made my way, Where dewdrops glistened, like stars at play.


The grass was dressed in a silver cloak, Each blade adorned with a liquid stroke. As I tread softly upon the ground, The dew whispered secrets, without a sound.


- Jon Bot

What we're reading

'Atomic Habits' by James Clear: Cus what better way to procrastinate


What we're watching

Aubrey Marcus Podcast: Lost Spiritual Technologies Discovered In Egyptian Temples | Mehcad Brooks

I love that the world can be this strange. Whether true or not, the passion in their conversation makes for great stories and source of inspiration. And who doesn't love a good story about Egypt!


What we're hearing

Spotify: Dominoes and Candle Flame by Jungle
We love a good Jungle track! Dance on or work hard, they got them BPMs.


What the bots made

 Image of a large luchador yeti sitting in a crystal cave with a glowing crystal ball - made by midjourney artificial intelligence

Which yeti would you choose!? The bots getting wild with this one.

The 4 options that Midjourney provided for our crystal cave yeti. Sadly, something like this is more difficult to turn into a product model considering the lack of clothing... but still an excellent personality.



Gene Wilder - Pure Procrastination

Until next time, I bid you all "a dew" lololololol

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