MMM-5: Romanticism Art, Customize Your Sh*t, Changing Light

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monday morning malarkey


Brush strokes intertwine,
Colors dance with human souls,
Oil's tapestry.


- Jon Bot

What we're reading

Five Classics of Modern Philippine Art
Romanticism Art – An Overview of the Romantic Movement


I have been interested in the Romanticism Art movement lately. The softness of the brush techniques and the tonality of the palette work to create such idealistic landscapes. I also can't help but oogle over the powerful series of paintings titled 'The Course of Empire' by Thomas Cole. 


What we're watching

why white? - Scott Yu-Jan 
Tour of Adam Savage's Cave! - Adam Savage's Tested


Other than watching Scott's videos because they are well edited and visually appealing, I like the reminder that you can do whatever you want. Buy your tools, and paint them. Why not?

I just stumbled across Scott's satisfying videos, and while watching I was reminded of people like Tom Sachs and Adam Savage. With the same mentality of 'customize your shit' but who have completely different approaches. 

Scott has a very minimalistic and monochromatic style. Everything is clean and crafted with lots of space. While Tom and Adam have a 'cover everything' kind of attitude. Scott's space is balanced in it's uniformity, while a space like Adam's is balanced in it's diversity. 


What we're hearing

Spotify: 'Changing Light' by Ironsides
Colemine Records


Straight boppin my body to this ultimate jammer. As they say themselves, their music "melds classic psych-soul sounds with sweeping orchestral arrangements"... and that almost captures the buttery era-mashing time-foolery that is them. Check out our friends at Colemine Records for some tangible goodies.


What the bots made

Clown jester riding on a horse in the desert in his pajamas

A rider, selfless and true. A trickster, only to remind you.

Ride on little pajama man.


Melt! Echo you latte!  

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