MMM-4: Nineteenth-Century Art, $1 Million As A Writer, Days As Echoes

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Skull realm merges, fierce,
Magic clashes, humans flee,
Attack in chaos.


- Jon Bot

What we're reading

The Brazilian Campos in Nineteenth-Century Landscape 
A dream of Italy: Black artists and travel in the nineteenth century

In search for the right prints to decorate the new house, I have been digging into Nineteenth-Century landscape art. Naturally it provides an antique or vintage look from the painting/illustration styles that were common in that era. It also holds the feeling of discovery, travel with exposure to foreign landscapes, and the richness of history.



What we're watching

5 Ways To Make $1 Million As A Writer - Nicolas Cole

A fruitful conversation between these two powerful minds. The practices and mindsets discussed can be applied to more than just writing. 

One thing to take away: Find what you love to do, and do it in the service of others. 


What we're hearing

Spotify: 'Days As Echoes' by Misha Panfilov

Stumbling across this album and then falling into a deep and somewhat blissful trance. I proceed to melt into a landscape of delay and deliciousness. Revived to the moment with the brass in 'Together' and transported through the decades for an unknown Smith. 

Stated well by Brent Sawicki on Bandcamp, "The vibe on this sophomore release channels Krautrock philosophy and Library music, peppered with elements of jazz, Ethiopian, cinema, ambient and bits of everything between. This atmosphere is created from all the instruments Misha uses and the resulting compositions are heard as repetitive patterns that are forged from the multiple layering of melodies. Thus, creating six unique songs with emotional granularity, yet collectively encompass a genuinely positive “feel good” vibe…with a hint of nostalgia."


What the bots made

Skulls flying over the desert

The beginning of the end has begun.

This is giving album cover vibes.


Flee now, while time remains.  

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