MMM-3: The Bear's Style, Take Your Shot, Living High in the Brass Empire

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In the fabric's weave, secrets may lie,
Like intricate beams that dance and imply.
As strings of theory weave cosmic tales,
A white tee's threads intertwine, and unveil.
Mysteries of existence, the universe hails.


- Jon Bot

What we're reading

How 'The Bear sweater' went viral

I binged 'The Bear' recently, and like many others, I had questions about the look. Above are a couple articles highlighted some key pieces from Carmy's wardrobe. The thought of $95 for 2 white tees incites my heartburn (no wonder they're chugging pepto) but damn they look good! 

As said by the senior style writer at GQ, Cam Wolf, "The Bear has so many fans of its style because the average guy wants to be well-dressed, but for a purpose."

(Highly recommend the series btw)


What we're watching

Take the Shot or Lose the Chance | Why You Should Just Go For It w/ Alex Hormozi 

Very interesting conversation between Dean Graziosi and Alex Hormozi. Very businessy. As the description states, they talk about:

  • The power of conviction
  • Why starting with NOTHING is the best place to start
  • How to build confidence
  • A simple but powerful tool to gain clarity on WHY you make decisions (or really WHO you’re making decisions for)
  • Why the goal of sales is to help people make decisions, not get stuck in the “miserable maybe”
  • The pain that Dean cherishes and how you can reframe pain and use it as a benefit


What we're hearing

Spotify: 'Living High in the Brass Empire' by Mitchum Yacoub
Absolutely in love with Mitchy's music. Mitchum has been working on this one for a long time and that comes through in how big this sound is. Cheers to him and the entire crew involved in this masterpiece! 


What the bots made

Artificial Intelligence produced aliens riding in a vintage car in the desert

Get in loser. We're going to dissolve the framework of reality.

Another weirdo without a home... for now ;) 


Okay bye now, time to groove to Mitchum's nice brass.  

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