MMM-2: Tiki Stylee, Robert Grant, New Spoofy Playlist

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monday morning malarkey


In the land of tropical delight,
Where balmy breezes kiss the night,
There stands a figure, carved in wood,
A guardian of secrets misunderstood.


- Jon Bot

What we're reading

'Book of Tiki' by Sven A Kirsten 

I currently have the smaller 'Bible' version as they call it, but still a good one to have. Carving is something I plan to get into soon and learning about the Tiki scene that exploded here in the states and its influences is ultra-inspo. 


What we're watching

Anything by Robert Edward Grant

Robert Grant be blowing my mind. I binge all his stuff.


What we're hearing

Spotify: 'Stone in Sand' a playlist by me
To get in the spirit of that midcentury Tiki space, you can indulge in the dreamy sounds of 'Stone in Sand'.


What the bots made

What would you do with this!?

I'm sure I will find something for this Tiki to do but right now I have no idea. 



Until next time, I wish you wood have a good week <3

It's the wood that makes it good. - Imgflip

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