MMM-8: Philosopher's Stone, Seeing Sound, Hailu Mergia

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monday morning malarkey 

Wheels of time slowly turn,
Celestial dance, cycles burn,
Great Year's voice we learn.


- Jon Bot

What we're reading

What was the philosopher’s stone?
Philosopher's stone


Interestingly, what has come from the search for the Philosopher's Stone is foundational to our society. The story of Nicolas Flamel is also quite curious. Was it truly a transformation from lead to gold, or was Flamel playing games and claiming mental prowess.  


What we're watching

How You See Sound Every Day | Sonic Magic | Spark


See the sounds! Recognize the connection between all things and the frequency of reality.


What we're hearing

Spotify: 'Wede Harer Guzo' by Hailu Mergia


I admit, this was a recommendation from Spotify. This is a wonderfully worldly and a smokey soulful experience. Read more at bandcamp


What the bots made

Group of aliens in a street market

A meeting of minds at a street market. 

One of the earlier images we generated using Midjourney that felt like we were on to something.   


Seeya Sayonara.

The Long, Remarkable History of the GIF

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