MMM-9: Workhouse Rising, Indiana Jones, Phonk

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monday morning malarkey


Glistening web of silk,
Threads of life's intricate quilt,
Interwoven, we're still.


- Jon Bot

What we're oogling


Some of our friends have recently unloaded a collaborative digi-mag! Along with the magazine, they have released a tastey album with a mix of tracks from different artists.

Catch us throwing some works at the rise of workhouse #2!


What we're watching

If I'm being honest, I recently binged the Indiana Jones series. I am on full power, about to trek into the wild unknown of the movie theatre to dial in my destiny. 

In addition, I have begun the rewatch of Loki season 1 in preparation for season 2. It takes me forever to watch these shows now. 


What we're hearing

Spotify: 'Hide & Seek' playlist by Mike Condry


Not for the faint of heart! Phonk is dirty and crunchy. It's full of pain and power. Enter at your own discretion.


What the bots made

A variation of the phonk cover I'm working on. 

Making some phonk for phun - need to CRT crunch these images I got.


Wishing you the best! 

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